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The Splenic Centre and Authority

The Splenic Centre governs the immune system and the awareness of our physical senses. Only the Manifestor and Projector types can have the Splenic Authority. Like the immune system and physical senses, their primary function is to keep us alive. The Spleen is primal - it is our animalistic reptilian logical left brain nature. Being aware is rooted in fear. That is something to contemplate. Being able to sense our environments is rooted in survival. If we are aware of patterns in our environment, we have a much greater chance of thriving because we can adjust for our probable future. A rise in humidity, a smell of water in the air, dark clouds, and thunder - all these factors indicate a storm is approaching, so one should find shelter. The base drive of the physical body is to survive and procreate; food, shelter, and tribalism. The first sense that likely evolved in singled celled life is something akin to the sense of smell. Sensing chemicals in the environment allowed basic life to move toward food or away from danger.

Splenic Authority

The Spleen is similar to a radar in that it will only alert you at the moment that you sense something is or isn't adding up. You smell the fish and its fowl, so you know not to eat it. But this also applies to what someone is saying to you, for example. This opportunity smells fishy, or what you're saying is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. As you can see, the Spleen has a stern "no" to it because that is what keeps us safe. The Sacral is the one that likes to say yes. Saying no is primarily a matter of survival and self-preservation. That is not to say that the Spleen does not give yes impulses. It is just that our survival is primary as far as the Spleen is concerned. A possible venture can also smell or taste like prosperity or providence.

The Splenic authority is spontaneous and immediate. Your decision-making can be impressively sharp and quick once honed. Being decisive, fast, and accurate is also in the best interests of survival. Some patterns retain consistency, but there are always subtle nuances that are constantly shifting and evolving. Being able to adjust and adapt to life through your heightened senses is your gift. But the Speen does not shout at you. At its heart, it is gentle like a soft breeze. It communicates with a whisper. Animals are incredible at following their instincts and senses because they can hear this Splenic whisper easier than we can. Us humans let the mind distract us and lead us astray. For this reason, animals in nature do not suffer the same psychological torments as us modern humans. We live in a world dominated by the Not-Self.

If you have the Splenic Authority, you will need to deal with the Not-Self themes of the undefined Sacral (knowing when enough energy is enough) and Solar Plexus (avoiding confrontation and truth). The Spleen is like a surgeon in that we know that if we leave the bullet in the wound, it will rot. It must be addressed immediately and removed so the traumatized tissue may heal effectively. All feelings aside, it will hurt tremendously, but only in the short term, and once the wound has healed, it would have all been worth it. If we leave the bullet in, we may lose a leg, die of septicaemia, and ultimately suffer a much greater trial in the long run. You cannot pretend that acting in the interest of someone else's emotions will be a successful or peaceful endeavour. If your radar is going off, but you don't want to offend someone and deal with the emotional backlash, it will only be yourself that you are compromising. Your nature is to be decisive, and if you follow your moment-to-moment instincts and sense, you will find that sense of flow in your life.

I hope you found this post insightful and helpful in understanding the Splenic centre. If you are interested in learning more about the Human Design System, there are other posts to read on the centres, authorities, and types, or contact us for a Human Design reading.


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