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The Ultimate Guide to the Human Design Projector Type

The Projector in the Human Design System is distinguished in the bodygraph by Definition that does not include the Sacral or any motor centers defined to the Throat. Approximately just under 20% of the population are Projectors. They are the newest of the five types. According to Ra Uru Hu, Projectors have only been around since 1781, which means Projectors have existed for 241 years. That is minuscule when you take into account the timeframe of humanity. Humanity is only just beginning to understand the Projector. Projectors, in a sense, are still learning about themselves.

Projectors are like the new administrators of the world. They are taking over from Manifestors as the new leaders. Notable Projectors in leadership and administrative roles include Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, JFK, Osho, Queen Elizabeth II & Stalin. As only 20% of our population, that is some heavy-handed influence. What projectors are here to do, is guide others. Guiding is essentially referring to being an Outer Authority for the other types. Others must recognize what you have to offer to be a successful guide. Recognition is a keyword you should take very seriously. Recognition is what invites you in, what gets your foot in the door. But recognition is just as much inner as it is outer. How can people let you in if they cannot see you? And so begins the Projector's plight. When they become recognized for what they do not care about or invite themselves in where they are not welcome; Bitterness. Success or Bitterness is your Signature Feeling as a Projector. Success is recognition from others for something you are passionate about and providing accurate guidance and outer authority.

The Yin/Yang Binary for Projectors is Yang below and Yin above. Yang below suggests action, but it is halted by Yin above, waiting for the call to involvement. You should be active in pursuing your passions. You do not need to wait for anything or anyone in this regard. Follow what intrigues you and learn all there is to know about it. To be successful, you need to know the what/where/who/why/how in your field of expertise. With the Yang line below, you may feel like you have been working incredibly hard to learn and enhance your skills, but with nothing to apply them to, what is the point? It is the Yin line above that dictates waiting for the correct invitation. I like to think about Projectors as birds because they have a bird's eye view, the 40,000ft. view of the world. Projectors see things the other types do not. Having the complete picture is very valuable if you are a guide for others.

The Projector Strategy is - to wait for the correct invitation. But keep in mind that invitation is inner and outer, just as with recognition. There are invitations from inside you and those from others. Being aware of what is and is not an invitation is extremely important. No one likes it when someone invites themselves and gatecrashes a party. You may feel compelled to invite yourself in because of your need for recognition, but I will warn you now that it will most likely be unappreciated if you have not already figured that out. An invitation can be an opening in a conversation where someone longingly looks your way. Perhaps someone reaches for your hand or asks for your opinion. Even a thought that will not seem to go away. A missed invitation is practically a missed opportunity.

Your existential question in life is: "who is the other?" Projectors are often more concerned with others than with themselves. This concern is natural because it is others who need your guidance. For Projectors, being ignored or under-appreciated by others is especially devastating because, existentially, that means you have no purpose. You may have everything you need, all the correct knowledge and wisdom, yet if others cannot see you, there is essentially no point to your existence as a Projector. The most bitter of people are those who are under-appreciated. Even if you are a Generator, you may have Projected channels in your design that are still looking for recognition. It is just that for Projectors, it is the be-all and end-all of their lives as they only have Projected channels in their design.

There are two types of Projectors, Energy and Non-Energy Projectors. Energy Projectors have one or more motor centers defined where Non-Energy Projectors do not. For Energy Projectors, expending your energy every day in healthy ways is vital to your wellbeing, just as with a Generator or Manifestor. But Projectors being a non-energy type in general, not having a defined Sacral center, means that your energy has ups and downs. A healthy routine can help balance your energy levels because they provide supporting structures you can utilize to manage your energy more effectively. A simple thing like no electronic devices after a particular time or meditating first thing in the morning will help you manage your energy more effectively. Creating a well-balanced rhythm/routine in your life for what you need to do and how you need to rest and relax is one of the best things for you.

If you follow these steps and begin to manage your energy and life more effectively, Success will naturally follow. That is all there is to it. If you found this post helpful and insightful, share it with anyone you feel would benefit. If you are interested in having a Human Design reading, contact us.


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