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- We work with a diverse variety of Self-Knowledge Systems Embodied Wisdom Practices - weaving them into a healing web to support your journey in Self-Knowledge & Wellth.

We work with intuitive technologies for self-knowledge including Human Design, Gene Keys, I Ching, Tarot, Astrology & Tree of Life.

- We are wild about Well-Being - and offer a diverse interweaving of embodied wisdom practices including Yoga, Meditation, Movement & Breathwork.

​- We work online and in-person - in Norwood, Johannesburg - we custom-tailor our work to your particular interests, issues & desires.

We also provide healing Kahuna Bodywork Treatments in person only.



We see our role in your self-healing, personal empowerment & self-mastery journey as simply being a short-term travel buddy - to mirror, soundboard and amplify your younique genius, natural healing wisdom & inborn creative intelligence. Our true job then is to make ourselves obsolete to you, as soon as possible ...

We shine a light on miseducation & misinformation about human well-being. We offer regenerative unlearning & relearning spaces & exploratory self-inquiry processes to support you in your direct experiential learning & insight, self-discovery & self-mastery - returning you home to the authority, power, vitality & wisdom within you.

In our Humanology Practice, we integrate Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Metaphysical Wisdom Systems, Consciousness Sciences & Technologies to resource our clients to restore wellth - freedom, function & flow - to their body, mind, heart & life, naturally.


Tracy Veritas VII 

I have a degree in Psychology & Sociology. I am in a lifelong love affair with the Ancient-Future Sciences & Intuitive Wisdom Technologies. Art, drama, music, creating & healing have played key roles in my life. I have a diverse & eccentric range of interests … some say I'm a Jack of all trades & master of none … which is (we all too often forget) often better than a master of one! I have a never-ending source of curiosity within me, an unquenchable thirst for self-knowledge, a diehard rebellious heart, a wild & free spirit and a deep love of cosmonautical experiences & cosmological wisdom! 

Dan Crystalis

I am qualified in Kundalini Yoga & the ancient Polynesian & Hawaiian healing modality Kahuna - Lomi-Lomi Massage, as well as, Yoga & Huna philosophy. I also work in the auditory & visual realms as a music producer, composer, graphic artist and photographer. My music specialises in atmospheric ambient soundscapes and journeys. My focus is on healing through sound & imagery - and I am passionate about the healing capabilities of sonic & visual technologies. All graphic content on this website is my original work. I am also a lifelong practitioner of embodiment, meditation & mindfulness and have a deep interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, consciousness and intuitive & digital technologies & media. 

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