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The Ultimate Guide to the Human Design Generator Type

The most common of the energy types in Human Design is the Generator. 70% of our population are Generators or Manifesting Generators. The Generator energy type is distinguished by having a defined Sacral center in the Bodygraph. To find out if you are a Generator type, head over to Jovian Archive to generate a free chart.

Human Design Generator Type

So to talk about the Generator, we must first talk about the Sacral and why a defined Sacral produces the Generator. The Sacral's primary biological link is to the genitals and represents sexual and lifeforce energy within the body. It produces large amounts of energy for activity, hence the name Generator. Mechanical generators convert energy from one state to another. For example, a hydroelectric generator converts mechanical energy produced by water, like a dam, into electrical energy. The Sacral takes sexual lifeforce energy and creates pyramids, cities, communities, art, etc. No other type has as much energy as the Generator. They are the hardest working and most enduring of people. They can also be the greatest quitters. Being able to stick with it is a significant idea for Generators to grasp. I am talking about your Generator grit. Generators are the Masters on earth, just like the Buddha, the Generator waits with their wisdom until asked for their gems. Buddha primarily gave sermons based on questions from devotees. To master something is to endure and persevere, what Generators do best.

The signature feelings for Generators are Satisfaction or Frustration. The number one key factor for the Generator type is that they do what they love. To guarantee your Satisfaction engage in activities that interest you. When interest, curiosity, and inquiry motivate your decisions, you can rest assured that you are on the right track. Satisfaction is mainly a product of following your Strategy and Authority, while Frustration is naturally the opposite. Frustration can gauge the quality of things you contribute to your energy. The Strategy for Generators to have greater Satisfaction in their lives is to Wait to Respond.

Strategy in Human Design refers to the correct way a Generator should be approaching energy and life. Each Type has a Yin/Yang binary. A Generator's binary is Yin below and Yang above, which translates as "wait before responding." Yin is receptive, implying the need for one to "wait" before Yang or "responding." Waiting also entails reserving energy for things not meant for your engagement. Whenever you feel energy well up inside you for something, you should probably investigate it. Whenever you feel a depression of energy, analyze your engagements and see where you are spending energy where you should not be. For a simple example, if you find it arduous to get your body to your job in the morning, it is a sign from your body that the energy is not correct. Reassess your position whenever you feel frustrated. Once you find something you love doing, stick with it, and the more you engage, the more energy you will have for it. Do not quit! It is difficult to stop a Generator once they get going, even if they are committed to something they should not be. It is about building momentum in the right direction because momentum built in the wrong direction is still difficult to stop. Just as in the case of a ship or tractor, once it gets going, it's not that easy to change course. Generators need external stimuli - it is your natural state of response and action.

Regarding the Generator Strategy, most people ask: "What am I waiting to respond to exactly? How long do I need to wait? What does it mean to respond anyway?" All very reasonable questions. Firstly let's look at two different kinds of decisions, significant and mundane. Decisions are the crux of Strategy and Authority. Most significant decisions have a high potential of altering your life, decisions like buying a house, what to study, relationships, marriage, etc. Mundane decisions have less impact on your life, such as which breakfast smoothie to make or outfit to wear. Essentially you are waiting for the opportunity to respond to an ask of you or specifically of your energy. The entire world is asking for Generator energy to build and create for them. Droopy pot plants are begging for water & John wants a guy to deliver him a pizza. You could speculate that most of all human interactions are on a purely energetic exchange basis.

Here is where I warn Generators of becoming enslaved to others. So many people are stuck making other people rich working jobs they hate. Be discerning with your energy and learn how to manage it. I tell my Generator clients this on repeat. I am not saying quit your job immediately because there are certain things you can implement to make your working environment a more pleasant experience as a Generator. Money itself is just another form of energy. What it truly represents is the insurance of service from others. Money only has as much value as we deem it to have. Nothing exists unless the transmutation of energy into form is initiated by someone through their actions.

You know how they say in spiritual circles that "something comes from nothing" or "everything is nothing, nothing is everything", well that nothing is nothing but pure potential energy. Science tells us that energy and matter can neither be created from nothing nor destroyed. You are waiting in the nothingness until the right stimulus presents itself. When an artist paints, from where does the image come? Even physics is discovering that the vacuum of spacetime is not so empty after all. If you had to remove the space between atoms (you know how nothing in reality physically touches) then all of the physical matter of the observable universe could comfortably fit into a centimeter cubed of space. That is the essence of the Generator, that nothingness from which everything in creation cometh.

Therefore the Generator's existential question in life is: "Who am I?" One could argue that this is the ultimate question! As Sri Ramana Maharshi said: "Who am I? Is the ax with which to cut off the ego." I highly recommend you ask this question to yourself every day. It is a question you cannot hide from, try sure, but try as you might, the world will demand an answer from you. I am an engineer, an accountant, a husband, a mother, an African, a human being. You will discover that you can be many different things and we chop and change our identity regularly. If we consider reincarnation, I assure you that you have associated the Self with many things. And that is just the thing! The Self becomes whatever we want it to become. If you think you are your ego, mind, or body, that is what the Self becomes. Basically, we identify with the traits that we are conditioned by others to identify with.

A core understanding in the Human Design System is that conditioning is something that we face from every angle every day. Each of us has a unique journey towards deconditioning the patterns that hold us back from seeing ourselves for who and what we are. Living authentically and congruently is simply this. I will say it bluntly, it is difficult to overcome our conditioning, and most of the time is unconscious to us. Statistically, a child living in a conservative Catholic Christian home has a high chance of growing up with Catholic Christian morals and values. The conditioning field from parents, peers, academic institutions, religious institutions, media, and the government is very intense. We must all learn about these patterns of conditioning and find out our authentic natural way of being.

Deconditioning is the crux of Strategy and Authority. The best way to start is by catching the Not-Self mind monologues amplified through our open and undefined centers. Although our defined centers are also subject to conditioning, the Not-Self mind is not as amplified through defined centers in the Bodygraph. The rule of thumb is that defined centers condition undefined centers because defined centers are projective or transmissive by nature and undefined centers are receptive and absorbing. This is because defined centers are energetically consistent while undefined centers are not, hence why Type, Strategy, and Authority are in your definition, you can rely on them to be a consistent source of energy in your life.

While you are waiting as a Generator, do what interests you, follow your curiosity because this is how you begin realigning your energy correctly. Engage in your interests deeper and if your gut feeling is telling you to disengage or reengage, then honor that as best you can. Another important buzz phrase for Generators is "follow your gut" because that is how the Sacral responds, a gut feeling. Even if you have a defined Solar Plexus center and your Inner Authority is Emotional, you should still honor your gut instincts. The only difference is that now you have to wait out your emotional wave cycle before responding. I always tell my clients and friends with emotional authority, if the opportunity cannot wait for you then it is not meant for you.

The Sacral works in the NOW through stimulus and response.

"Jane, would you like to go to the beach?"

"Sounds great."

And you will probably find that response to be consistent. There is a rise in energy and push toward activity. The response to the question will change with new information.

"By the way, Jill will be coming with us."

"Well, if Jill is going too, I'm out. Thanks."

New information means a new response. Get the information you need to have an informed gut response. Especially if you are unclear at the moment and your gut response is not strong. Once you have all the information you need, your gut response will be immediate. If your Authority is Sacral, never delay on a strong gut response. It will only lead you into spiraling confusion as the mind tries to justify your actions. As you may have already thought, you have to become very familiar with how your gut response feels to you. Maybe a warm feeling in the lower abdomen, a giddy excitement welling up from the base of your spine, a tingling in your testicles. It varies from person to person, but as I mentioned earlier, the Sacral center governs the genitals, so start there.

A defined Sacral in Generators also produces an enveloping aura that radiates outwards more than the other types, 5 meters in all directions. It is inviting and warm, like a cozy fire by the hearth. Generators also tend to enjoy group activities more so than the other types. This aura is also why everyone seems to want your energy so desperately. Be discerning about where you contribute your energy!

This post should give you a decent overview of what Generators are and how they operate. I hope that you found it utile and insightful. If you are interested in having a Human Design reading, contact us.

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