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The Ultimate Guide to the Human Design Manifestor Type

The Manifestor in Human Design is distinguished in the bodygraph by the Throat center defined with a motor center in Single Definition (either to the Solar Plexus, Heart, or Root.) Approximately just under 10% of the population are Manifestors. That is, 1 in 10 people you meet, if you are lucky, are the Manifestor type.

Human Design Manifestor Type

The Manifestor's manifesting power comes directly from the Throat center, our seat of manifestation. The Throat center is like Rome; all roads lead to it. There is constant pressure in the Bodygraph trying to express through the Throat in the form of our words and deeds. In the case of the Manifestor, it is essentially a motorized form of manifestation. The Throat also has the most gates and channels than any other center in the Bodygraph. Needless to say, the Throat has much to express to the world, and it craves attention from others. It is what truly makes us unique as nine-centered human beings. No other form of sentient life on earth can express itself with such subtle and nuanced articulation. The invention of language and writing is arguably among humanity's most significant achievements. Mathematics included, as it is a language. Nothing else has accelerated our technological and spiritual development quite so profoundly. This understanding of the Throat center will give you a subtle hint into the intricate workings of the Manifestor.

The Manifestor's Yin/Yang binary is Yang below and Yang above. All force, all action, no waiting, all initiating. That means that your actions build on themselves and that builds momentum. All you need is the right circumstances and some good timing and you are off and away. The Manifestor Strategy of - informing others before initiating - is more for others than themselves. It merely helps you to manifest without having to deal with blockades and barriers put up by others. This can be extremely annoying and angering when all you want to do is be left alone to do what you want to do. The thing is that because of your very nature and aura, you put people on edge and even divide rooms. Your aura is repelling and mostly closed off to others. This sounds harsh to most people but it is helpful to Manifestors because it automatically helps get people out of the way of your manifesting when necessary. It does not mean that you are an unfriendly person or closed off to others, it simply gives people the auric impression of "do not mess with me" when they happen to stand in your way. At an early age, Manifestors are habitually controlled because you can come across as unpredictable and erratic at times. Informing people about your plans and activities where necessary is vital to clearing a path for you to tread unhindered and unbridled, like a wild mustang.

Your existential question in life is - who do I impact? Without impact on the world around you, you become unfulfilled, resentful, and resented. Manifestors are purposeful in their actions. You should not try to manifest every idea or desire that you have. As with every important decision you have to make in life, always follow your Inner Authority, and you will know what you need to do. The Signature feelings for the Manifestor are Peace & Anger. When a Manifestor is in their power, living authentically and free of their conditioning, they bring peace, growth, and evolution wherever they go. Anger is simply a result of not being able to manifest what you need to or manifesting things on a whim without any real clarity. You are a doer, you do and get done! You need to be active. You do not need to wait for anything, just go and do it. Inform those who need to know to clear your way and go for it. You motivate and inspire others with your go-get-it attitude, putting others through the fire but making sure they come back unscathed. That is the best way to understand and work with a Manifestor.

If you have a child who is a Manifestor you will know how willful and determined they can be. It is important to place firm boundaries while allowing them freedom. They want to be active so give them the freedom to expel their energy but place boundaries that keep them safe from wandering off alone. Teach your child to ask for permission before running off on an adventure. Even as an infant, if you take your eye off of them for even a second, they are away on mission impossible.

Manifestors can be difficult to live with for the other types because of their insatiable need to do stuff. When you try to pull people along with you in all your activities it can lead to hostility from both sides. Relaxation, I mean true full body and mind relaxation, is something Manifestors have a difficult time understanding. I do not mean lying down and reading a book or solving a Sudoku puzzle, although that would be a good start for some people. I mean meditation, no activity whatsoever, just observing. If you could only understand that your capacity for action is equaled to relaxation. In Yin, there exists a spot of Yang and in Yang, exists a spot of Yin. You need to balance the Yin through proper relaxation. We live in what Ra Uru Hu called the Biverse. Our universe is just that, bi, dualistic. There is heat and cold, light and dark, big and small... Non the less, just try to tell a Manifestor to relax or wait, it will not get you very far with them. At the same time, Manifestors need to learn to cooperate and be good team players. There is no good point in running off alone within a team project. Remember that a leader who has been elected by the people has far more social impact than a dictator, even if it is a facade. As a born leader, if you do not follow through with your promises or uphold strong moral values, well it can be pretty dire for you. But do not fear because that is what Manifestors do best! Be clear and discerning about your quests and conquests, inform others of your plans and you will find that following through with your undertakings will come fairly naturally to you.

That is pretty much every bit of essential information you need to know about being a Manifestor. If you found this post helpful and insightful, share it with anyone you feel would benefit. If you are interested in having a Human Design reading, contact us.


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