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The Solar Plexus Center and Emotional Authority

The Solar Plexus governs and regulates our emotionality. As an Inner Authority, the emotions and Solar Plexus are at the top of the hierarchy. If you have the Solar Plexus defined in your chart, you have an Emotional Authority, regardless of the other Defined centers in your design. The Solar Plexus is both a Motor and Awareness center, which is interesting because the definition of emotion is energy that is in motion. We do incredible things for the sake of how we feel. If you reflect on your life, you will see how powerful your emotions can be. Emotions move us to tears, laughter, and the whole spectrum.

But the main reason why the Solar Plexus and emotions come first is that the Solar Plexus is presently going through a mutation. Emotional awareness is the closest awareness we have to true Spirit awareness. Emotions are mutating into Spirit. In heightened states of emotional ecstasy, we are closer to Spirit and feel more connected to the world around us. The opposite is true for lower emotional states. In that sense, emotions are teaching us about the nature of the Spirit. Emotionality breaks down the duality our mind operates in. Emotionality is not concerned with this or that but rather both-and. That is why emotions are associated with Spirit because Spirit is union and connectedness. Oppositions and duality are concepts of the subjective mind. Something that may be good for me may not be for you. A terrorist to one person can be a freedom fighter to another. Spirit transcends duality. Everything that is seemingly separate is, in reality, one energy and consciousness.

The Solar Plexus moves in waves because emotionality is cyclic like the ocean. Where the Solar Plexus is the wave, and the Spleen is the particle. The Spleen and Solar Plexus exist in a binary. The functioning of the left brain (Spleen) and right brain (Solar Plexus) behave similarly where the left brain is focused and analytical, and the right brain is creative and abstract. But what is peculiar about the particle and wave is that you cannot separate them. For example, in the infamous quantum double slit experiment, firing electrons through two slits at random, we see an interference pattern on the other side. We observe a prominent central line between the two slits with lines fading out on either side. This observed effect is most bizarre because instead of acting like a physical particle, the electron behaves in the same way you would expect a wave too. When we try to observe which slit the electron went through because to have a fading interference pattern, the electron needs to pass through both slits simultaneously, what you get is two prominent straight lines for each slit. The electron becomes a particle instead of a wave when we observe which slit it went through. This experiment shows that the observer viewing which slit the electron went through collapses the wave function into a particle. Waves and particles, light and matter, are all the same thing. It is consciousness that solidifies potential energy into form. I know that was a bit much for most people, but it merely suggests that emotional awareness transcends time and space in a way that the instincts of the Spleen do not. No Authority is better than the other, yet the Spleen functions in the present and the Solar Plexus throughout all time.

Emotions have a unique timing that cannot be rushed or quantified. Just as with any wave cycle, you need to give it time to play itself out to have the complete picture. Looking at a wave at any single point in the wave cycle is useless to you. You will have no perspective or clarity. To give a simple analogy, you need to learn how to surf. It is not enough to be able to ride a surfboard, you have to be able to spot the perfect wave for you, and that only comes with time and a little patience. If the opportunity cannot wait for you, it is not the opportunity for you. You need to trust that. Emotions are not logical like the Spleen. If you have the Sacral and or Spleen defined in your chart, honor your immediate guttural and instinctual response but give yourself time for your emotions to run their course before making a clear decision. Remember that emotions are king. Although emotions are at the top of the hierarchy, it is not about one authority being better than another. All Inner Authorities function differently. How we work with our design makes all the difference for us. As an Emotional Authority, You are waiting for the storm to clear and the waters to settle. Because that is your moment of clarity, and you can see exactly where you need to go.

Something important to know is that we cannot attach to how we feel if we want emotional clarity. When we become too attached to our emotions, we are more likely to make an emotionally reactive decision rather than an emotionally informed one. You may not feel like going to Eric's party right now because you feel angry at something else, but if you give yourself the time to feel it out, you will see that how you feel constantly changes like the ocean. You then need to gauge and assess your emotional process over time to come to a clear decision about what to do. Emotions are not always black or white like the Sacral or Spleen. If your decision is 60/40, yes/no, that is a yes for you. Something every one of us does from time to time is make conditions around how we should feel. I cannot be happy unless I have this or that and the next thing. Conditionality around your emotions does not serve you. The nature of form is impermanence. Physical matter is 99% void. As Deepak Chopra once said, being happy for no reason is true power because someone happy with no reasoning cannot have that reason taken from them.

The Solar Plexus has four different types of emotional waves:

The Tribal wave (49-19, 40-37)

The tribe is all about our close community, friends, and family. Who we can rely on and who needs us. It is a tactile and sensual wave, so touch is essential to you. A handshake seals the deal, a hug or a hand on your shoulder when you are down, a sensual massage. All these things can make all the difference to how you feel. Being rejected by your community is devastating for a tribal wave authority. Being accepted and needed by them is equal and opposite. You can be very sensitive and intuned to how others feel and what they need because the tribe solely exists to support one another to survive and thrive through consensual communion.

The Collective wave (41-30, 36-35)

This wave has very focused energy. It wants to feel everything by having different and interesting experiences. You are, in that sense, an experience addict, but that is only a means to an end. It is the full spectrum of human emotionality that you are after. This emotional wave is desire and expectation-based. You will have expectations of certain emotional states that arise from a particular experience. You have not even had the experience, yet you desire to feel a certain way!? Unconscious premeditated resentment == expectations. Expectations hardly ever equate to actual reality. It is just not going to work. Drop the expectation, and what you will find is that you are more present with your experiences. In this way, you will learn much more from your experiences because you are experiencing them for what they are and not what you want them to be.

The Individual wave (55-39, 22-12)

The individual wave has a unique emotional process. You can make other people feel very profoundly. A truly unique quality to have when you feel joyous as you raise the emotional energy around you, but when you feel under the weather, as it were, it has the opposite effect. So the best option for you is to be in your own space to process how you feel when you are at the bottom of the wave. Time and space away from the aura of others can do you wonders. As it is a unique and individual process, no one can tell you what is going on regarding how you feel. Sometimes other people can get in the way of your process. Being too much of an individual can be dangerous in this world. If you are too perturbing, you risk ostracization by the tribe. Individuality has a prominent place in this world because it keeps things changing, flowing, and adaptable. Therefore you need to balance being too much of a rebel or being too homogenized into the tribe.

The Source wave (59-6)

This wave is all about connecting, relating, and mating, our need for intimacy and procreation. It is a Tribal wave at its heart, but it is unique because it has aspects of all the other emotional waves and is the only channel that connects the Sacral to the Solar Plexus. In that sense, it is not just about sex, mating, and babies. It is also about giving birth to new creative projects and ideas. Like the Individual wave, you make others feel deeply with your penetrating emotional aura powered by the Sacral. You can put others on edge because you can trigger their unresolved emotions merely with your presence and aura. You may feel like you need to resolve these issues for people but remember that you are just a catalyst. Just because you brought it to the surface does not necessarily mean it needs to be resolved or fixed by you. Discernment is the key because once you commit to something as a Generator, it is to the bitter end.

That sums up most of what you need to know about the Solar PLaexus and Emotional Authority. If you found this post helpful and insightful, share it with anyone you feel would benefit. If you are interested in having a Human Design reading, contact us.


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