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The Sacral Center and Authority

The Sacral center's primary biological link is to the genitals and represents sexual and lifeforce energy within the body. It is a powerful motor center that generates vast quantities of life force based on energetic guttural responses to stimuli. The Sacral governs the Generator and Manifesting Generator types, which is why they can be so enduring. The Sacral takes sexual lifeforce energy and creates; castles, roads, communities, art, etc. Without the Sacral, nothing enduring gets built in this world.

If you have a Sacral Authority, your moment of power is here and now. That guttural response is also in the moment. Any sensations in your lower belly are likely key signals from your Sacral. If you do not listen to your gut response when presented with a potential decision, you will only feel confused and frustrated by the process. The Sacral often talks to us with guttural sounds like "uh-uh, yuk, urgh, mmm, mhmm, uh-huh, oh, ah... These sounds are indicators of your gut responses. But it is also energetic because if you are interested in something, there is a welling up of energy inside you, or there is a depression for things that do not interest you. You can also think of the Sacral as a magnet as you are drawn toward or repelled away by something. As you may have already considered, you need to become very familiar with how your gut response feels to you. Maybe a warm feeling in the lower abdomen, a giddy excitement welling up from the base of your spine, a tingling in your testicles. It varies from person to person, but the Sacral center governs the genitals, so start there. If you have the Spleen defined in your chart, particularly in Single Definition to the Sacral, the heightened senses of the Spleen will amplify your Sacral responses.

Until there is new information in the equation, the same stimulus and conditions will always warrant the same response from the Sacral. Here is the true gift of the Sacral center and being a Generator type; the same stimulus warrants the same Sacral response. When you are confused, it is likely that you do not understand the question or do not have enough information. Get clarity on these, and you will find your gut response is there immediately. Where the Sacral gets hung up the most is around emotional conditioning. A saddened friend may be begging you for assistance, or an excited colleague may make you a very enticing proposal. Most importantly, however, if your gut response is not on board, you need to decline the offer or ask. Once you commit your vast energy to something, you must know that it is right for you because the momentum of the Sacral can outstrip the awareness, and you just get carried away.

There is a distinction to be made between response and reaction. Reactions are generally emotionally charged and unconscious, while gut responses are patient and measured. This process is how you learn to distinguish your gut responses from your mental reactions. The Sacral is not proactive like a Manifestor; it is responsive. That means you need to wait for a clear guttural signal before responding. If you reflect on pertinent decisions in your life, you will find that over-analyzing or being influenced by others almost always leads you astray.

Everything considered, you only have authority over your life when living in the moment, follow your gut responses as they arise, and you will experience ease and flow developing in your life naturally, with effortless effort. If you found this post helpful and insightful, share it with anyone you feel would benefit. If you are interested in having a Human Design reading, contact us.


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