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The Self-Projected Authority and the G-Center

Unique to Projectors, the Self-Projected Authority occurs when the only definition is from the G center to the Throat center. This Authority is all about what you say. Hearing yourself speak is how you come to know how you feel about something. In the act of communicating, you find your truth. Therefore the hindrance is in not sharing yourself, not allowing vulnerability and intimacy with yourself, let alone another. The Self-Projected Authority comes with inherent leadership capabilities because of the defined Throat and skill with language. Not to say that you would want to be a leader. Leadership is about the skillful use of language, humility, and vulnerability. Good and evil alike can use language to influence others. It is less about good versus evil and instead a matter of inherent self-identity. A freedom fighter to one person can be a terrorist to another. You have a powerful influence on the identity that people hold for themselves. Leadership comes from expressing your truth to the world. If leadership is divisive or unifying is a matter of identity, the influence can be just as enticing.

The G Center is also about geometry. Geometry in the sense of where we go in the world. Think of a fork in the road. How do you know which direction to take? Are you being pulled on any particular path? Our identity has a considerable significance on where we move and with whom we spend the most time. If you are a KKK member, I assure you that you are not hanging around black neighborhoods or going for drinks with your black friends. Only a shift in self-identity will change the geometry of your life. What we believe and value also holds immense weight on our self-identity and geometry. Think of being a cult member. Your identity becomes an amalgamation of the beliefs and values of the cult. The undefined G center is the perfect cult member because our Undefined centers are more easily conditionable. When someone leaves the cult, it is because they have associated with different sets of beliefs and values and can no longer be accepting of or accepted by the cult. Beliefs are powerful things. We go to incredible lengths to fortify our belief strictures. Something that threatens our beliefs threatens our identity, and without a firm hold on our identity, we tend to hang around all the wrong people and places.

Of all the authorities a Projector can have, the Self-Projected Authority needs to be very aware of the Projector's Strategy. Waiting for the correct invitation and then hearing yourself talking about it is how you find flow and ease in your life. You will not know if something is right for you until you mull it over with another, yourself, or even on paper.

As you can see, it is all about the Throat, so trust your voice. If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, consider sharing it with a friend. If you are interested in a Human Design reading, contact us.


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