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The Nameless One...

The true name of this entry is nameless.

The true form of this entry is formless.

Its contents will not convey its true intended message.

Its words are misleading and loosely analogous;

They can only tell you what it is not.

Its author is of the same esse.

Nine blossoms dance with the wind; three blossoms on three blossoms on three blossoms.

Grace descends; three moles dig through the earth & three doves fly through the heavens.

The ineffable, is the absolute. Slavery to the absolute is effulgent freedom.

The master consistently meditates upon the infinite.

All is well.

Infinity is your faithful companion on your eternal travels.

Movement is energy.

Change is expansion.

Expansion is inevitable.

Traveller, be wise before knowledgeable.

The fool who looks only to the sky above, is fated to walk off a cliff and fall to the rocks below.

All knowledge is under the master's will.

Wisdom is his loyal accomplice.

A subtle wind catches the master's attention.

Intuition is consolidated.

All is right.

A flower opens its petals and is so enlightened by the sun.

A subtle wind disturbs the petals and so the pollen is freed to the will of the air.

There is no mistake.

The musician is his instrument.

Sex is creative.

All creation is sacred.

A mountain peak is capped with brilliant snow.

The sun dips behind the horizon and fleetingly stains the snow amber.

Creation is seeing.

From the illusion comes music.

One naturally gives rise to two.

So be it.

Truth is effective.

The easiest way is the truest way.

The master has everything done for him.

All is as it is.

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