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Divination Spreads Pt. 5: Basic Question or Situation

This Tarot spread is good with most basic questions and situations. It primarily works with what we attract and what we transmit. That is to say, left and right brain and body, the passive and active sides of life. To begin, shuffle the deck and split it into two piles that represent what you are receptive to (left) and projective of (right). Shuffle the left pile again then place the top card in position two and the bottom card in position 3, both face down. Do the same for the right pile putting the top card in position 1 and the bottom card in position 4. Turn the cards over consecutively starting with position 1. Position 1: What is the basic question about, the core of the topic? How does it affect me personally? Position 2: What am I receptive to? What energy, people, etc do I attract? Position 3: My influence on others and my environment. How do I express myself to the world? Position 4: This is the key. It hints to a possible answer or solution.


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