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Divination Spreads Pt. 1: The Astrological Houses of the Zodiac

The Houses from Astrology gives us a good picture of 12 major life themes that exist within the human experience. We can utilise their themes in correlation with the Tarot or the I Ching to build a picture of the current state of our lives, or we can create a forecast for the major themes that we will be dealing with for the month.

Simply draw one card per house. You may feel that you only want to use the Major Arcana or both Major and Minor Arcana for this spread, use your own discretion. Personally I feel that the Major Arcana work very well with this kind of spread as they represent core life themes. If you decide to use the I Ching, the moving hexagrams can show you in what direction things are changing for you in each area.

Astrology houses tarot divination
Astrology Houses


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